POKKA International Pte. Ltd. (thereinafter known as “POKKA”) is the organiser of POKKA GREEN TEA DONATION DRIVE FOR SINGAPORE CANCER SOCIETY 2017.

Singapore Cancer Society, a self-funded voluntary welfare organisation in Singapore, is the adopted charity organisation for POKKA GREEN TEA DONATION DRIVE FOR SINGAPORE CANCER SOCIETY 2017.

Donation Period:
1 September – 30 September 2017

How to Donate:
For every POKKA Green Tea purchased during the donation period, POKKA would donate $0.10 to Singapore Cancer Society. POKKA will match the donations to purchases, up to a maximum amount of $50,000.

Donation goes to help cancer patients lighten their financial burden as they undergo treatment and rehabilitation.

Purchase can be made island-wide within the stipulated donation period to be part of the donation drive.

Updates of donated amount garnered at any point during the donation period can be found on www.fightcancertogether.sg

Total amount to be donated to Singapore Cancer Society would be tabulated after 30 September 2017, and would be officially announced on POKKA International Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) Facebook page in October 2017.

Donation amount shown on the website is updated daily and may not be reflective of current donation value.

Participating Products:
POKKA Jasmine Green Tea 250ml, 300ml, 300ml 6s, 300ml 12s, 0.5L, 1L, 1.5L
POKKA Honey Green Tea 250ml, 0.5L, 1.5L
POKKA Jasmine Green Tea No Sugar 300ml, 300ml 6s, 0.5L, 1.5L
POKKA Japanese Green Tea No Sugar 0.5L, 1.5L

Terms and Conditions:
By participating in this donation drive, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of this donation drive.

By participating in this donation drive, you consent to the collection, disclosure and use of your particulars by POKKA for the purpose of the overall management and activation of this donation drive, including featuring your particulars on POKKA publicity materials. You release and discharge POKKA against all claims which you may have or which may arise out of the rights granted to POKKA in relation to this donation drive.

POKKA reserves the right to withdraw, discontinue or terminate the donation drive at any time at its own discretion, without prior notice or liability to any person.

POKKA reserves the right to modify, vary, exchange or substitute the donation mechanics at its sole discretion without liability to furnish any reason and / or notice to any person.

POKKA and/or its respective agents shall not be liable for any loss, cost or damage whatsoever and howsoever suffered (including but not limited to direct or consequential loss) during your participation. You waive all or any liability that may be attributed to POKKA and/or its respective agents.

POKKA reserves the right to vary or amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.
The decision of POKKA on all matters relating to this donation drive is final, conclusive and binding. No further correspondence will be entertained.

About Singapore Cancer Society:
Established in 1964, Singapore Cancer Society is a self-funded voluntary welfare organisation which provides patient care services to needy cancer patients through its welfare, hospice home care, cancer treatment subsidy and rehabilitation support programmes. In addition, the Society also provides free cancer screening services and promotes cancer awareness and prevention through its public education and community outreach programmes.